Sans Bullshit Sans

Leveraging the synergy of ligatures™

Photo by Thomas Hawk

Is your friend a rockstar brogrammer?
Are you being asked to cause a paradigm shift?
Does your co-worker have the job title “social media guru”?

There is a solution.

Sans Bullshit Sans.

The font that replaces every buzzword by a Comic Sans-styled censorship bar

Try it out yourself!

Paste your bullshittyest marketing blurb here, or type something yourself.
E.g. “the agile unicorn funded an uber immersive beta below the fold.”

Take heed! This only works if your browser supports ligatures!
I drawed this

Sans Bullshit Sans is an experimental font using the power of ligatures to turn bullshit language into bullshit images. Download Sans Bullshit Sans Read more about how this font was made.

“Meticulously hand crafted by PixelAmbacht”

Lot's of measuring and thinking went into this